Wags Academy

Wags Academy

A special program designed for dogs who need more than traditional daycare

A special program designed for dogs who need more than the play-all-day style of traditional daycare. Some dogs get overstimulated by hours of open play, and, in the absence of structure, oftentimes they look for opportunities to be "top dog" or seek attention (just like toddlers!). Some dogs get bored with hanging out with their friends and just need a bit of mental stimulation. Some dogs need a "job" and thrive with consistency. Whatever the case may be, we will discuss individualized goals for your pup and tailor the program to suit them.

Wags Academy features individual and small groups when appropriate, with one-on-one attention from dedicated staff. Each day, your dog will work on a repeated schedule of basic obedience and impulse control exercises, brain games and enrichment activities, and interactive play in a supportive environment.

Wags Academy is offered weekdays, 8:30 am - 4 pm, with every dog taking a midday lunch/nap break. You can drop off before Academy is in session starting at 7 am, with the latest pick up at 7 pm.

At this time registration for Academy is on hold. Please email academy@wagsclubfordogs.com to be included on a waitlist for future enrollment.
Dog with glasses and tie

Academy offers:

  • Supervised socialization with select dogs in a small group setting
  • Structured daily activities, meal, and nap times
  • Reinforcement of basic obedience training and introduction to new tricks
  • Brain games and enrichment activities such as treadmill time, scent work, obstacle courses
  • In-person session once per month
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The fine print:

  • Registration is rolling but required to participate
  • Offered weekdays; a minimum of once a week is required for consistency and best outcomes
  • Hours: drop off by 8:30 am; pick-up begins at 4 pm
  • $45 per diem; multi-day packages available